hand painted bespoke prints
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our story

I love everything.

That’s it basically. Hence the name All The Things. Born out of a love for design, a muted colour palette & modern craft.

So a bit about me….
My background is fashion and ran my lingerie label Ell & Cee for 16 years. I worked with fabulous companies such as Victoria Secrets, Selfridges, Liberty’s and created diffusion lines for ASOS and Urban Outfitters. After starting a family, I began to realise the realities of parenthood and family life didn’t mix with the pressures of running a brand. Passionate about finding a way of balancing and combining both mum life and work life, I find myself here. Raising three little creatives has taken me back to basics. Out came the paint brushes and it was time to explore this completely new direction.

Every print is originally hand painted by me and perfectly imperfect. Tiny brush strokes are celebrated not erased. Gylcee prints are then created using the finest museum grade paper to ensure the print is as true to the original artwork as possible. Deliciously heavyweight and built to last.

Prints for now, so much more to come.

Laura x