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It's that time of year again where I feel incredibly lucky to call this a job, I get to start planning the summer shoot. I have always favoured the summer collections over winter, and the shoots are no different. The Ell & Cee signature look is relaxed, free and feminine with flowing fabrics in sheer, volumous shapes and summers carefree mood lends perfectly. Especially early summer where the anticipation for warmer temperatures gets us excited. Whether that materialises in this country however, is another matter.

So what's inspiring us this time round... Sun bleached locks, gypsy tanned skin (fake obvs), layers of delicate fabrics trimmed with tassles and crochet, all topped off with a huge felt hat

We've got our eye on a fantastic venue, currently model casting and new summer pieces are taking shape, all we need now is the sunshine...

all images courtesy of Pinterest

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