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Wedding season is fast approaching so we thought we'd give our Bespoke knickers a mention...

Bridal knickers with a little bit of fun. Or anniversary knickers, or Friday night knickers or just a great gift. Love them or hate them, they are extremely popular and one of our best selling designs for years now. We launched our Bespoke knickers on Wedding TV (remember that channel?) many moons ago and I roped in a friend to model for me for fun. Since then we have sold them through the most celebrated of British stores Liberty and Selfridges, collaborated with Victoria Secrets on designer collections for many seasons, commisioned by Vogue to make them in candy colours for "Style Heroines" issue Daisy Lowe, Lara Stone and Agyness Dean, made bespoke knickers for Kate Winslet upon collecting her MBE, Kylie Minogue, and Emma Watson to name a few, as well as rumoured to being packaged up in a neat box to Princess Kate herself (nothing confirmed of course darling...) in the week prior to the wedding of the decade.

We now were not the only brand out there offering this style and we know we're not the cheapest but we'd like to think we're the best (well of course we would wouldn't we?) Made in the UK and hand finished in our studio, lots of love goes into these little beauties. Our colour colour palette is soft and subtle and made from the finest silks. All packaged up in our signature box wrapped in Oyster tissue paper.

ell&ceesilkbespoke Ell & Cee Silk Bespoke knicker

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